Betselot Dejene

Betselot Dejene is an intelligence analyst pursuing a BA in International Affairs and Legal Studies at John Cabot University in Rome,Italy.
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AI and Espionage: Espionage in a Developing Age

Tags:_ AI

Indo-Qatari Relations: A Spy Scandal in Qatar

Location:_ MENA

Russian Warheads in Cuba: “Cuban Missile Crisis” Part II?

Location:_ Latin America, Europe

Holy Espionage: Spying in the Vatican and Beyond

Location:_ Europe

Silent Threats: The Role of Nerve Agents in Military Operations

TYPE:_ Article

Lebanon and the US Embassy Shooting: A Situational Assessment

Location:_ MENA, North America

Credit or Control? Unpacking China’s Social Credit System

Location:_ Far East

Islamic State Somalia Province (ISS): An Assessment

Location:_ Horn of Africa

Stuxnet, Beyond the Code: Exploring the Legacy and Impact

TYPE:_ Article
Location:_ MENA

JNIM: The Quest for a West African Caliphate

Location:_ West Africa

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