Ignacio Urrutia

Ignacio is a Spanish intelligence analyst passionate and with deep knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe and MENA. As part of his Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies, he is specializing in intelligence, defence and new warfare.
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The Islamic State in a Fractured Libya

TYPE:_ Article

Protests and Continuous Turmoil in Peru: A 3-Month Outlook

Norway’s Arctic Policy 2023: A 12-Month Outlook

Location:_ Arctic

Anti Satellite (ASAT) Weapons and the Militarization of Space

TYPE:_ Article

The Western Sahara conflict: A situational assessment

Libya’s Domestic Situation and Oil Production: A 3-Month Outlook

The Arms Race between Morocco and Algeria: A Strategic Assessment

Update on China-Taiwan relations: A 6-Month Outlook

Post-hurricane protests in Cuba: A 6-Month Outlook

Insecurity in Taliban-Afghanistan: A 6-Month Outlook

Location:_ Eurasia

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