Julia Day

Julia is an intelligence analyst pursuing a BA in International Affairs and Italian Studies at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. Her main areas of interest include security in the Mediterranean Sea, European affairs and naval studies.
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The United States Intelligence Community: A Deep Dive

TYPE:_ Article

Israel-Turkey Relations: A Shattered Detente 

Al-Shabaab in Somalia: A 2024 Threat Assessment

Operation Prosperity Guardian: Is the Red Sea Saved?

The African Union’s Failure in Somalia: The Final Year?

NORAD: North American Aerospace Defense Command

TYPE:_ Article

US Arctic Strategy 2024: A 12-Month Assessment

Location:_ Arctic

US Military Strategy in the Eastern Mediterranean

TYPE:_ Article

Islamic State in Sinai: A Deep Dive on Wilayat Sinai

TYPE:_ Article

The 5 Techniques: Legal Interrogation or Torture?

TYPE:_ Article

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