Samuele Minelli Zuffa

Samuele is an Italian international security and intelligence analyst. His main area of interest is Sub-Saharan Africa, where he focuses on climate-conflict nexus, asymmetric warfare untraditional security threats. He complements traditional research methods with Satellite Imagery and GIS investigation.
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Mossad Espionage in Damascus: In The Lion’s Den

TYPE:_ Article

EU operations in Niger

TYPE:_ Article
Tags:_ EU, EUPMP, EUTM, Niger, Sahel

France’s strategy in Africa

TYPE:_ Article

A Guide to Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT)

TYPE:_ Guide

Multidimensional Insecurity in Mozambique: A 6-Month Forecast 

Broad consequences of Ethnic Violence in Tunisia: A 6-Month Forecast

Post electoral Nigeria: A 6-Month forecast

Tuareg vs Mali Government: A 6-Month Forecast

Guinea SOF Takeover and Transition: A 6-Month forecast

International Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Interview with Dr. Niamh Gaynor

TYPE:_ Article

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