Balkans Organised Crime and its Intercontinental Impact


    Organised crime from the Balkan region has grown in prominence in recent years, with its influence and criminal activity spreading far beyond its geographical bounds.

    The Balkans, located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, have a long history of organised crime. The disintegration of Yugoslavia and subsequent conflicts in the 1990s produced a power vacuum that allowed criminal networks to develop. Due to the region’s location, weak governance, corruption and socioeconomic issues, these criminal organisations expanded over time. Adopting sophisticated methods, spreading their operations intercontinental, and forming alliances with other criminal organisations across Europe.

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    Tomás Fonseca
    Tomás Fonseca
    Tomás is a Portuguese intelligence analyst who is currently undertaking a Master's degree in Intelligence, Security, and Strategic Studies. His expertise lies in the domains of organized crime, terrorism, and migration within the regions of Latin America and Southern European countries.

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