Belarus in 2024: Russia’s Last Ally?


    On 25 February 2024, Belarus held its first nationwide election since the 2020 Presidential election. Widely considered fraudulent, the 2020 re-election of Alexander Lukashenko was met with large-scale protests across Belarussian cities. Since August 2020, Lukashenko has embarked on a political crackdown, detaining 35,000 protestors and driving 500,000 Belarussians into exile. [source] Moscow’s financial and…

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    Jake Cremin
    Jake Cremin
    Jake Cremin is an Intelligence Analyst specialising in the Russo-Ukraine War and Western Defence. Jake holds a Masters in Intelligence and Security Studies from Brunel University London as well as BA in Military and International History. His research interests are Western Defence, West African Security and Terrorism.

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