China’s Digital Silk Road: A “Hidden” Political Project?


    China’s Digital Silk Road (DSR) received little attention, especially compared to the Belt and Road Initiative. Yet, Beijing’s increasing infrastructural data governance, through the control of data storage and transmission, could ultimately reshape the international data and privacy norms. China’s comprehensive and appealing strategy facilitates the expansion of China’s influence around the world, often in competition with the West.

    Key Judgement 1. In the next 24 months, China’s comprehensive DSR strategy is likely to allow Beijing to significantly expand its influence and exert digital domination over DSR-partner countries.

    Key Judgement 2. The technology developed as part of China’s DSR is likely one of the key drivers of the spread of digital manipulation in the next two years. 

    Key Judgement 3. It is highly likely that, in the upcoming 24 months, China’s DSR will heighten Sino-Western competition around the world. 

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    Zélie Petit
    Zélie Petit
    Junior Intelligence Analyst

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