Countering Terrorism in Egypt: A 2023 Forecast


    Egypt is currently facing many terrorist threats. Terrorist attacks have normally taken place more often in North Sinai than compared to any other area in Egypt. (source). However, Egypt is looking at terrorist threats across the country for 2023. 

    For counterterrorism in 2023, Egypt works closely with India, focusing on their newly developed strategy for combating the financing of terrorism, and also strengthening relations in the Global Counter Terrorism Forum (GCTF). 

    Key Judgment 1. It is highly likely that within the next few months, Egypt and India will work closely together to combat the threats of terrorism, a major security threat for both nations.

    Key Judgment 2. Egypt’s newly developed strategy for combating money laundering will highly likely contribute to countering terrorism in the next 12 months. 

    Key Judgment 3. It is likely that Egypt will be focused on building stronger relations with members in the GCTF to contribute to countering terrorism for the rest of 2023. 

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    Allison Baddeley
    Allison Baddeley
    Allison is a Junior Intelligence Analyst with a focus on transnational organised crime (drug trafficking networks in particular), criminal intelligence, and terrorism.

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