Making operators more intelligent.
Crimson is the battlefield A.I. application that supports field operators to consume tactical intelligence.



Combating uncertainty on the battlefield

Crimson is designed to allow field operators, small unit leaders and even high-ranking officers to consume tactical intelligence effectively in combat situations. Crimson will process and analyse the battlefield information for analysts to provide easy-consumable intelligence to field operators.

Input Module


Tap, Slide and Send

Crimson A.I. application has standardized information criteria. During chaotic and high-stressed situations, field operators do not have a the luxury to write. With a support of Crimson A.I., field operators can send crucial battlefield information or imagery with a couple of taps and drags.

Processing Module


Maximising combat efficiency

The Crimson A.I. application is an effective tool to process valuable information. Crimson will automatically show, hide and share mission related information based on the user’s geolocational data. This will dramatically reduce the operators’ cognitive burden to make better tactical decisions.

Display Module


One step ahead of the enemy

Crimson’s user interface is simple and effective for operators. Because, Crimson can process the analysts’ key judgement and display the two most relevant predictions with extra information. The only thing that the operator has to do is to point their wrist-attached mobile device to the interested direction.