Episode 6: Humanitarian work, Exploration and the Art of Storytelling with Dave Luke


    In this episode, I sat down with my friend and former British Army engineer, paratrooper turned humanitarian, adventurer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Dave Luke.

    Dave is Artios Global’s CEO and an Information and Strategy advisor who has led humanitarian relief, research assessments and media production in complex emergencies and transitional states for 15 years. He has worked in more than 50 countries.

    We discussed:

    1. His journey from Northern Ireland to the highest peaks in the world.
    2. His love for humanitarian work
    3. The art of storytelling and its role in research and intelligence.
    4. How to lead with unconditional honesty and trust
    5. Building your own tribe
    6. Being fearless in approaching opportunities
    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed is the CEO of Grey Dynamics. He has worked as a HUMINT specialist and focuses his writing and research on counterintelligence, Infosec, Covert Action and Space Operations. Ahmed also hosts our weekly Grey Dynamics Podcast.

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