Ethiopian Political Stability: A 6 Month Outlook


    A breakthrough disarmament agreement is in effect after African Union led talks resulted in a peace deal between Ethiopia and rebel forces in Tigray. The war in Tigray has left thousands dead and several million displaced [source]. As a result, President Abiy Ahmed’s image as a peace broker accordingly suffered, and Ethiopia’s political capital in the West declined. However, several combatants are not listed as parties to the ceasefire. This will potentially set the stage for further violence. Although the African Union managed to negotiate an impressive accomplishment, it remains to be seen if the most recent ceasefire will hold.

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    Alec Smith
    Alec Smith
    Alec Smith is a graduate of the MSC International Relations program of the University of Aberdeen and holds an LLB in Global Law from Tilburg University. He works in the private sector in field investigations and security.

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