Former 22 SAS & 14 Int Operator Michael Hawkes on his Illustrious Career – Episode 54

Welcome back to the Grey Dynamics Podcast! This week we are talking to Michael Hawkes, a former 22 Special Air Service operator. Michael spent twenty four years in the British Army, twelve of which in the SAS. Including six in covert operations. He also served as a military advisor to UK’s intelligence services. For the last twenty two years he has had a successful career in corporate security, working all over the world. We spoke about his experience in UKSF selection, his time in Northern Ireland, getting kidnapped in Bosnia and much more.

Find Michael Hawkes:

We Spoke About:

  • 0:00 – Introduction and Michael’s background
  • 07:14 – Michael’s upcoming book
  • 11:58 – First time in UKSF selection and fatal accidents during training
  • 18:45 – Michael’s day one experience in 22 SAS
  • 22:15 – Michael’s time in Northern Ireland and working undercover
  • 41:58 – Michael’s time in Bosnia and getting kidnapped by Serbians
  • 59:02 – Working as a CQB instructor and working alongside female operators
  • 1:05:33 – Discussing surveillance activities
  • 1:11:00 – Hawkes & Co.
  • 1:26:51 – Should young people join the UK armed forces currently?
  • 1:29:30 – Cultural recommendations

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