From Unconventional Warfare to Hybrid Warfare with Former SF Operator Curtis Fox – Episode 45


    Welcome back to the Grey Dynamics Podcast! Today, we are talking to Curtis Fox, former Green Beret, author, graduate of Georgetown University and currently a program manager. His book ‘Hybrid Warfare: The Russian Approach To Strategic Competition & Conventional Military Conflict’ is out now. We discussed some of the fascinating topics covered in it. Including how Russia has applied hybrid warfare in Ukraine since 2014, the collapse of effective cooperation between the FSB and GRU, as well as the destruction of Russia’s special forces capability.

    Disclaimer: All of Curtis Fox’s opinions are his own and do not reflect the policy of the US Department of Defense or the US Government.

    Find Curtis:

    We spoke about:

    • 0:55 – Why Curtis chose to join the Green Berets
    • 4:26 – Deployments during the war on terror as part of 10th Special Forces Group
    • 5:15 – Experiencing other cultures
    • 6:23 – Observations on Somalia
    • 13:01 – The legacy of French colonialism and Wagner’s activities in the Sahel
    • 22:00 – Historical Russian strategy and hybrid warfare
    • 32:38 – Did Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy work in Ukraine from 2014?
    • 41:31 – The GRU, Salisbury and being cut out of planning for the 2022 invasion
    • 48:09 – The FSB’s botched invasion plan and feeding the Kremlin bad intelligence
    • 56:29 – The future of Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy and destruction of their special forces capability
    • 1:00:27 – Could Serbia use Russia’s hybrid warfare strategy themselves?
    • 1:04:26 – Does the West underestimate the Iranians?
    • 1:10:00 – Career advice for young people, including those looking to join special forces
    • 1:13:58 – Advice to those looking to write a book
    • 1:15:57 – How Grey Dynamics decides what topics to cover
    • 1:21:24 – Cultural recommendations

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    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed is the CEO of Grey Dynamics. He has worked as a HUMINT specialist and focuses his writing and research on counterintelligence, Infosec, Covert Action and Space Operations. Ahmed also hosts our weekly Grey Dynamics Podcast.

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