Grey Dynamics Intelligence School: The Origins, Structure, and Vision for the Future

Welcome to the Grey Dynamics Intelligence School (GDIS). In this special podcast, we provide an all-encompassing look at our unique approach to intelligence training, discussing our origin story, course structure, and future vision.

Recognising a gap in existing intelligence training – a disconnect between academic studies and on-the-job experiences – we founded GDIS. Our mission? To bridge this gap and offer an effective transition from theoretical knowledge to practical intelligence work.

The heart of our intelligence training is a series of six crucial modules, each addressing a distinct phase of the intelligence cycle:

  • Intelligence Fundamentals
  • Intelligence Direction Fundamentals
  • Intelligence Collection Fundamentals
  • Intelligence Processing Fundamentals
  • Intelligence Analysis Fundamentals
  • Intelligence Dissemination Fundamentals

Our podcast also offers a glimpse into the future, revealing our plans for Phase 2 and Phase 3 of our intelligence training program. These upcoming phases will introduce specialised and advanced modules, deepening our intelligence training further. To ensure quality training, we limit our student intake to 100 per cohort (for the whole bundle lasting 2/3 months), maintaining a focus on personalised attention and mentorship.

Despite the comprehensive nature of our intelligence training, the courses are around $200/$250 per course. While the bundle is economically priced between $1000 and $1250. We will continuously update and refine our courses to stay current with the industry’s evolving landscape, ensuring our students receive up-to-date and relevant intelligence training.

Tune into our latest podcast episode for an exclusive look at how GDIS is reshaping intelligence training. Whether you’re a prospective student, potential partner, or an intelligence enthusiast, join us to explore the innovative world of intelligence training.


0:00 Why we made the course

9:22 The Fundamentals

15:35 Direction

19:24 Collection

21:05 Processing

25:38 Analysis

31:38 Dissemination

34:18 Caveats and FAQ

37:46 Instructors

38:24 Phase Two and Difficulty

40:40 Career prospects

42:57 External courses and instructors

45:37 Marcel’s thoughts

47:40 Who can take this course?

Grey Dynamics Intelligence School

Table of Contents

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