Insecurity in the Central African Republic: A 6-Month Outlook


    The Central African Republic (CAR) is deeply unstable. After a 2013 rebellion unseated the country’s president, the international community launched a peacekeeping mission and oversaw a transition to democratic governance. However, despite military victories and elections in 2016 and 2020, insecurity in CAR remains endemic. Ongoing fighting with rebels increases civilian displacement and the need for humanitarian aid. Amid a precarious security environment, CAR’s leadership is progressively aligning with Russia and weakening the country’s democratic institutions. The role of Russian PMCs remains central to both processes. 

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    Samuele Minelli Zuffa
    Samuele Minelli Zuffa
    Samuele is an Italian international security and intelligence analyst. His main area of interest is Sub-Saharan Africa, where he focuses on climate-conflict nexus, asymmetric warfare untraditional security threats. He complements traditional research methods with Satellite Imagery and GIS investigation.

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