Israeli Covert Action: Special Activities Outside the Border


    Israeli covert action in recent events has intensified; with reports of espionage activities leading to arrests and heightening tensions in neighbouring nations. Turkish authorities have apprehended individuals suspected of collaborating with Mossad, while Hamas leaders mourned casualties purportedly targeted by Israeli operations. Furthermore, Israel’s involvement in disrupting terrorist activities in Cyprus and Malaysia further illustrates its extensive covert reach. These developments underscore a pattern of espionage marked by both breadth and controversy, potentially having ramifications for regional stability.

    Key Judgment 1. Israel is likely to face crises of polarization in espionage, as authorities apprehend individuals for allegedly collaborating with Mossad.

    Key Judgment 2. It’s likely that Operation Nili will continue to hunt down Hamas and Iranian leaders.

    Key Judgment 3. It’s likely that Israel’s covert actions will adopt a more restrained approach amidst recent incidents that highlight heightened vigilance and countermeasures by other nations.

    On 18 April, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Mossad headquarters where he met with Director David Barnea and – afterwards – with the forum of division heads. [source]
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    Jawhar Farhat
    Jawhar Farhat
    Jawhar Farhat is an ALL source analyst with a Level 6 diploma (CSMP) in Security Management and a master's degree in Military Sciences from the Military Academy of Tunisia.

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