Live Tactical Analysis: Crisis in Sudan


    As part of our continuous monitoring of the crisis in Sudan, we aim to provide accurate and near real-time tactical analysis of the violence which has engulfed the country. The US managed to convince both parties to agree to a 72-hour ceasefire, however, we believe that the prospects for this ceasefire holding are marginal at best. You can read more about our analysis of the potential for escalation here.

    Location: Sudan

    Start Date: 25 April 2023

    Scope of Analysis: Disposition of SAF and RSF forces, official statements from RSF and SAF as well as foreign states, military equipment tracker and disposition of foreign forces in and around Sudan.

    25 April, 2023

    • [7:18 AM UTC] The UK began a large-scale evacuation of British nationals from Sudan using RAF aircraft. British PM states that the elderly and children will be given priority [source].
    • [7:22 AM UTC] Norwegian military C-130J spotted over Jordan, potentially flying out Norwegian nationals from Sudan. The Norwegian ambassador to Sudan announced he had left the country yesterday [source].
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