MINUSMA Withdrawal from Mali: What’s Next?


    The UN Peacekeeping mission in Mali, MINUSMA, was first deployed in July 2013. the UN deployed the mission after Northern Mali became occupied by armed groups (source). MINUSMA has deployed more than 13000 troops as part of the mission and it has been the most expensive mission to date (source) (source). MINUSMA facilitated the implementation of the 2015 Algiers Accord which halted separatist uprisings in the north of the state (source). Mali’s relationship with the West deteriorated since 2021 and they have formed closer relations with Russia and the Wagner Group (source). In June 2023, Mali’s Foreign Minister called for the withdrawal of MINUSMA peacekeeping force from the country ‘without delay’. The Foreign Minister stated that MINUSMA fuelled intercommunal tensions (source). The UN Security Council has consequently voted to end the peacekeeping mission in Mali. Consequently, they have set the departure date as 31 December 2023 (source).

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    Eimear Duggan
    Eimear Duggan
    Eimear is an intelligence analyst currently pursuing the International Masters programme in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies (IMSISS). Her main areas of interest are Balkan security, European affairs, and extremism.

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