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Niger Delta Avengers

July 29, 2019

Jacob O'Hare


In 2016 Nigeria was rocked by attacks on their oil fields, totaling up to 4.6 billion dollars lost in revenue by militants. This loss of income for the country contributed to the recession in Nigeria that year, and the same time the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) came to existence. Exactly who are the Niger Delta Avengers, and what do they seek to accomplish?




About Niger Delta Avengers


  • A militant group that attacks Nigeria’s oil & gas fields

  • They first appeared back in 2016 after claiming two attacks in May

  • Has roots back from 2000s. Armed militants in the oil rich Niger Delta, included the Movement of the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), who halted oil off the market

  • The organization only has minimum four-hundredhundred fighters within it

  • Little is known about the group. Who the leader is and other high-ranking members in the organization

  • The NDA wants the area to receive a greater share of the oil it producesto go back to the people in the area

  • Group is agitated about 70% cuts to the amnesty program, which provides former oil militants a monthly return from the government
  • They previously vowed to cripple Nigeria’s economy if President Buhari get re-elected. The economy of Nigeria went into recession from the attacks the NDA executed and other internal factors




Economic Damages


Since 2016 the Nigerian government, as well as companies such as Shell and Chevron have lost a substantial amount of money and barrels of oil from attacks on the oil fields mainly by NDA.

  • 2016: loss of 4.6 billion dollars in oil revenue

  • 2017: 3.25 billion dollars was lost

  • 2018: 2.8 billion dollars was lost

  • 2019: revenue loss from oil may equal or exceed 2016, due to the NDA vowing to cripple the Nigerian economy and putting the nation back into a recession



The Nigerian Navy has increased their presence due to more piracy and the overtaking of ships, as well as destroying oil tankers. Nigerian navy recently acquired 150 boats to help with their presence in the water, and their efforts have paid off, with an increase of maritime traffic in that area.


Though they are well armed with small arms, such as AK-47sand RPGs, the Niger Delta Avengers do not seem to want to harm civilians or military, but rather just to cripple oil companies and the revenue of oil from Nigeria. They want the profits from the oil to go back to the people, to build up the communities that Nigeria is lacking to build up. If demands are not met by the NDA you could expect to see more attacks on oil fields. Nigeria cannot fight another faction with already fighting Boko Haram in the northern part of the country. Doing so will thin the militaries position in defeating either Boko Haram or the NDA. More patrol from the Nigerian Navy in the waters will increase security for the ships carrying oil into the country. Security for oil sectors on land, it will take increase military presence to ward off potential attacks in the future. Nigeria must increase military budget if they are to expect to fight off organizations fighting against the country to prevent further damage to civilians and to the country’s economy.




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