Episode 34: Canadian Intelligence, the ICC and Career Development with Kelly Wong

    Today I spoke to Kelly Wong, a security analyst in the Canadian Senate. She has previously worked for multiple private intelligence firms and has...

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      Episode 33: ISKP, Taliban Response and Violent Non-State Actors with Lucas Webber

      Today I spoke with Lucas Webber, co-founder of Militant Wire, an organization focused on providing independent analysis of militant activity and armed conflict around the world. We discussed Russia's "White Power Rangers"

      Episode 32: Intelligence Tradecraft Week, Tools, Tips and Tricks

      It is Intelligence Tradecraft Week here at Grey Dynamics, so for this week's episode we thought we'd round up the tools and tricks used...

      Episode 31: Russian Private Military Contractors in Ukraine with Alec Bertina

      This week I spoke to Alec Bertina, a non-traditional security actor researcher, specializing in Russian security affairs. In this episode, we discussed the wild...

      Episode 30: Finland in NATO, UGVs and ChatGPT for Intelligence Analysts with Marcel Plichta

      This week I caught up again with Marcel Plichta. Marcel is a member of the Grey Dynamics team, he is also a PhD candidate...

      Episode 29: Arms Tracking, Drone Supply Chains and Blow Back with Jonah Leff

      Today I spoke with Jonah Leff, the director of operations at Conflict Armament Research (CAR). He has extensive experience investigating sanctions violations and advising...

      Episode 28: Drone Threat Intelligence, 3D Printing and Dark Networks with Mike Monnik

      Today I spoke with Mike Monnik, CEO of DroneSec. They focus on drone threat intelligence, documenting the latest developments in the use of drones...
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