Special Boat Service, Afghanistan and Close Protection with Pasha Munro – Episode 41

    Welcome back to the Grey Dynamics podcast for season 3! We're kicking things off with a fascinating guest today, Pasha Munro. Pasha served as...

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      Episode 39: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) an Intelligence Perspective

      We're back to discuss the 2019 reboot of Call of Duty's Modern Warfare series! In this episode we'll be talking about the inspirations for...

      Grey Dynamics Intelligence School: The Origins, Structure, and Vision for the Future

      In this special podcast, we provide an all-encompassing look at our unique approach to intelligence training, discussing our origin story, course structure, and future vision.

      Episode 38: Career Advice from Intelligence Professionals

      Today we are rounding up the best advice we have had so far in season 2 of the podcast! Advice from professionals from across the industry, whether it be corporate, government, or non-profit, it's all here.

      Episode 37: Information Insurgencies, Energy Security and Great Power Competition with Drew Biemer

      Today, I spoke to Drew Biemer, a strategic management, and communications professional with over two decades of experience in governmental, public, and civil affairs....

      Episode 36: Warzone Extraction, China vs Taiwan and Project Dynamo with Bryan Stern

      Today, I spoke to Bryan Stern, who has 25 years of service focused on intelligence and special operations with the US. He specializes in counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, hostage rescue, personnel recovery, critical technology protection, and unconventional warfare against near-peer threats. He is a Purple Heart recipient and is credited with being a military first responder at the World Trade Center on the morning of the 9/11 attacks. Currently, he manages Project Dynamo, a non-profit international search, rescue, aid, and assistance organization. Initially established to aid individuals in leaving Afghanistan after the US withdrawal, Project Dynamo has since been involved in extracting people from Ukraine, Sudan, and various other perilous locations.

      Episode 35: Australian Intelligence, Demystifying HUMINT and Mental Health with D.

      Today I spoke to D., a former Military Intelligence operator from Australia. He has also worked in law enforcement and is currently doing contracted work. We spoke about his experience transitioning from combat engineer to intelligence operator, his time in Afghanistan, mental health, demystifying HUMINT, getting into OSINT and more.
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