Episode 8: Corporate Intelligence, Global Risk and OSINT Tips with Gareth Westwood

    In this episode of the Grey Dynamics Podcast, I spoke with Gareth Westwood. Garrett is an 11 year veteran of the intelligence community in the uk.

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      Episode 7: Intelligence-Led Policing, OSINT and Facing PTSD With Julie Nel

      In this episode of the Grey Dynamics Podcast, I spoke with my old mentor partner and friend Julie Nel! Julie is an experienced senior...

      Episode 6: Humanitarian work, Exploration and the Art of Storytelling with Dave Luke

      In this episode, I sat down with my friend and former British Army engineer, paratrooper turned humanitarian, adventurer, filmmaker and entrepreneur Dave Luke.

      Episode 5: Illicit Nuclear Technology Procurement and Dark Networks With Jack Margolin

      On This weeks episode: How to use publicly available information and emerging technology to disrupt international crime and conflict with Jack Margolin!

      Episode 4: Punxsutawney Phil and FBI Insider Threat Detection With Kyle Cunliffe

      We spoke with Kyle Cunliffe. Kyle is a lecturer at Salford's University Intelligence Programs. His research focuses on intelligence and Cyberspace, particularly where those two meet.

      Episode 3: Former DIA intelligence Analyst Marcel Plichta

      In this episode, we talked about the US new Africa strategy, Russia's growing influence in Africa and Wagner PMC.

      Episode 2: Former Military Intelligence Analyst Alcon S2

      Episode 2: The role of OSINT in social media discourse and taking the mystique out of intelligence analysis tradecraft on social platforms.