Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC): Expansion of the Brazilian Gang in Europe


    Established within the São Paulo prison system in the early 90s, Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) initially concentrated on controlling drug trafficking and criminal activities in Brazil and South America. In recent years, however, the PCC has broadened its objectives, seeking to extend its reach and influence beyond Brazilian borders. Europe, with its lucrative drug market and vast criminal networks, has become a desirable location for the PCC global expansion.

    The presence of PCC in Europe poses considerable threats to European law enforcement, institutions, and citizens. PCC has implemented diverse strategies to expand its influence beyond Brazil and establish a foothold in Europe and for now, has managed to intensify its presence in the old continent.

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    Tomás Fonseca
    Tomás Fonseca
    Tomás is a Portuguese intelligence analyst who is currently undertaking a Master's degree in Intelligence, Security, and Strategic Studies. His expertise lies in the domains of organized crime, terrorism, and migration within the regions of Latin America and Southern European countries.

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