Turn-key A.I. for all intelligence operations
Scarlet is the most advanced A.I. software to support collection,
processing, analysis and dissemination.



All in one package for intelligence operation

Scarlet is designed with built-in adaptability. It will automatically train itself by monitoring the clients’, collectors and analysts’ in-house activities. Scarlet will analyse and optimise itself to support any given mission. Scarlet can be used to conduct highly challenging missions, such as counter-insurgency or global surveillance operation.

Tasking Module


Keeping eyes on the operation

From the deepest cyberspace to the orbit of satellites, Scarlet can be the centric information input channel. Collection is the opening of all intelligence operations. Thus, Scarlet can bring a massive advantage to you from the start.

Processing Module


Human and machine collaboration

Traditionally, information processing was limited to converting raw information to human-digestible information. Beyond this, Scarlet unearths and suggests critical information to analysts. This brand-new level of processing will liberate analysts from the burden to recover needles in a haystack.

Analysis Support Module


Evaluating information

Scarlet’s information evaluating function, provides more speed and accuracy of the intelligence product. Scarlet will automatically evaluate the source credibility, based on the analysts’ search and analytic activities. So, analysts can focus on the more important analytic tasks.