Special Boat Service, Afghanistan and Close Protection with Pasha Munro – Episode 41


    Welcome back to the Grey Dynamics podcast for season 3! We’re kicking things off with a fascinating guest today, Pasha Munro. Pasha served as a Royal Marine Mountain Leader and Special Boat Service operator as part of UKSF in the British Armed Forces. Today, he is the director of operations at the private security company Black Box Global. Pasha has honed his skills in high-pressure environments, where precision, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of excellence are paramount. His extensive experience in conducting complex operations and mitigating security risks allows him to provide invaluable guidance and leadership in safeguarding organisations and their assets.

    You can find Pasha Munro on LinkedIn.

    We spoke about:

    • 0:37 – Pasha’s background
    • 4:34 – Becoming a Royal Marine
    • 9:54 – First time in Special Forces selection
    • 12:12 – Becoming a Royal Marine mountain leader and returning to Special Forces selection
    • 15:35 – Joining the Special Boat Service (SBS)
    • 18:31 – Why Pasha choose the SBS
    • 19:18 – Training and earning his keep in the SBS
    • 21:25 – Deploying to Afghanistan with the SBS
    • 31:13 – Getting back into maritime activities
    • 32:32 – The Afghanistan pullout
    • 35:11 – Operational scenarios in the SBS
    • 37:32 – The psychological aspect of being in the water
    • 38:55 – Life after the SBS, office life and close protection
    • 43:27 – Black Box Global
    • 46:33 – Mentoring and advice
    • 49:17 – Being able to switch off
    • 50:52 – Advice to young people

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    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed is the CEO of Grey Dynamics. He has worked as a HUMINT specialist and focuses his writing and research on counterintelligence, Infosec, Covert Action and Space Operations. Ahmed also hosts our weekly Grey Dynamics Podcast.

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