Tags: Africa

Islamic State’s Central African Province (ISCAP): Threat Assessment

Location:_ Central Africa

Turkey’s SADAT Defence Inc: Growing Attention and Criticism

Location:_ Eurasia

Emirati Base Development in Berbera: Geospatial Intelligence Assessment

Location:_ Horn of Africa

Armed Groups in Benghazi: Unraveling the Complex Tapestry

TYPE:_ Article
Location:_ MENA

Ethiopia Roulette: Gambling on a Port Against Al-Shabaab Anger

Location:_ Horn of Africa

A Guide to Desert Warfare

TYPE:_ Guide

Timber Smuggling and Border Security in East Africa

Bayraktar TB-2: Turkey’s Rise to Drone Superpower

TYPE:_ Article

Togo in Turmoil: Constitutional Reform or Coup de Force?

Location:_ West Africa

Niger vs US: Direct Expulsion or Bargaining Chip?

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