Tags: Europe

Knit, Purl, Spy: How Spies Used Knitting to Send Secret Messages

TYPE:_ Article

Poland Defence Sector: A Surge in Investments and Procurement

Location:_ Europe

“Trump-Proofing” NATO: How Europe is Preparing for Change in the White House

The Silent Hand: Russian Intelligence Activities in Europe

TYPE:_ Article
Location:_ Europe

E.U. Dreamers or Russian Appeasers? Georgia in 2024

Location:_ Eurasia

China’s Spy Networks in Europe Unravelled

Location:_ Europe, Far East

France’s External Intelligence Agency: The DGSE

TYPE:_ Article

How Drugs Flow between Morocco and Spain

Albania’s Accession to the EU: A 24-Month Forecast

Counterintelligence Operations in Europe: A 6-Month Outlook

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