The Ethiopian-Somali Border Crisis: A Six Month Outlook


    Ethiopia and Somali share a lengthy, porous border which has historically created friction between the two neighbours. Both countries fought several engagements from the late 1940s and as recently as 2006. The cross-proliferation of insurgent groups from Somali into Ethiopia complicates efforts at peaceful coexistence between disparate ethnic communities. Ethiopia recently emerged from a brutal civil war, fought mostly in the Tigray region. With a certain degree of internal political stability restored, Ethiopia is in a better position this year to turn its full attention to external threats on its eastern border. Meanwhile, Somalia underwent a change in leadership last May, which could cause permanent accommodation with Addis Ababa.

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    Alec Smith
    Alec Smith
    Alec Smith is a graduate of the MSC International Relations program of the University of Aberdeen and holds an LLB in Global Law from Tilburg University. He works in the private sector in field investigations and security.

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