The Netherlands and Morocco: A Fight Against Organised Crime


    The Netherlands and Morocco are both facing concerningly high organised crime rates (source). The Netherlands, alongside Belgium, has become a top entry point for the transport of cocaine into Europe for example (source). Morocco controls a third of Europe’s cocaine market (source). This is another reason why over the next 24 months, Morocco and the Netherlands will be likely working alongside one another to combat the threat of organised crime (source). 

    As a way to combat organised crime, the Netherlands and Morocco will be furthering the development of the extradition treaty. They will share expertise on police training and criminal investigations, and regulate non-governmental organisations’ finances over the next 24 months.

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    Allison Baddeley
    Allison Baddeley
    Allison is a Junior Intelligence Analyst with a focus on transnational organised crime (drug trafficking networks in particular), criminal intelligence, and terrorism.

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