The Rising Role of Africa in the Global Economy

Africa is quickly becoming one of the most influential continents on the planet. As their population rapidly grows and investment increases, significant opportunities to be a major influence on the world have appeared. Africa’s mineral and natural resource reserves, its growing innovation sector, and rapid population growth present opportunities for the continent to lead the world in the coming decades. Although, there are still challenges with the future role of Africa in the global economy. Bad domestic policies and the risk of the spread of violence threaten the opportunities for African states to lead.

Key Judgment 1: Africa’s natural resource exports and global energy contribution will likely be integral to the global economy in the next 24 months.

Key Judgment 2: Africa’s economic development will likely make it a global business hub and centre of innovation in the next 24 months.

Key Judgment 3: It is highly likely that Africa’s population growth will provide it more agency and voice on the global political stage in the next 24 months.

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