The Western Sahara conflict: A situational assessment


    Despite a relatively cooling of the Western Sahara (WS) conflict since the 1991 UN-brokered cease-fire and the establishment of the peacekeeping mission MINURSO, the decades-old dispute between Morocco and the Sahrawi seems to have no ending. Within a conflictive context prompted by groundbreaking policy changes towards the conflict and a recent major increase in tensions between Morocco and Algeria, the Polisario Front (PF, main political and military organization of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic), resumed its armed struggle against Morocco in November 2020.

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    Ignacio Urrutia
    Ignacio Urrutia
    Ignacio is a Spanish intelligence analyst passionate and with deep knowledge of Central and Eastern Europe and MENA. As part of his Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies, he is specializing in intelligence, defence and new warfare.

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