Tigray Versus Eritrea Relations Assessment

After 15 months since the end of Ethiopia’s civil war in Tigray, Eritrean troops remain present in the region, perpetuating a climate of fear and violence. The Ethiopian government has officially stated they are no longer present in the region, although multiple news outlets and NGOs reported their presence.

The stained Tigray Eritrea relations are further complicated by reports of ongoing human rights abuses, including rape, murder, and looting, perpetrated by Eritrean troops in Tigray. Despite international condemnation and calls for accountability, Eritrea continues to deny allegations of wrongdoing, highlighting the challenges in achieving peace and stability in the region. 

Key Judgement 1. Eritrea’s involvement in the Tigray is likely driven by strategic interests that require its troops to remain in the region.

Key Judgement 2. Media restrictions and limited access to Tigray likely hinder independent verification of the situation on the ground.

Key Judgement 3. The ongoing presence of Eritrean troops in the region has the potential to further destabilise the region and raise questions about the Sovereignty of Ethiopia.

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