UK Wagner Terrorist Designation: What’s Next?


    On the 6th of September, the UK government presented a draft order to the British parliament which would proscribe the Wagner Group as a terrorist organisation. Once adopted, Wagner would be designated a terrorist organisation under the Terrorism Act 2000 starting from 13th September 2023. (source)

    This would make it a criminal offence to belong to, encourage support for, assist or use the logo of Wagner. Furthermore, It would also allow the UK to declare Wagner’s assets as terrorist property and seize them (source). This comes months after Lithuania and Estonia declared Wagner a terrorist organization, meanwhile, the US designated Wagner a transnational criminal organization. (source) (source) (source

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    Alec Bertina
    Alec Bertina
    Alec is a researcher on Russian non-traditional security actors, with a focus on Russian PMCs. He has also done analysis on the Russian invasion of Ukraine since 2022. Alec has a BA Politics & International Relations and an MA in International Security from the University of East Anglia.

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