The pathfinder in the wilderness of information
Vermilion is the A.I. software that is specialised in the collection, processing, analysis and distribution of any type of narrative.



Revealing the source of the signal

Vermilion is designed to find a correlation between the speaker and message. It will train itself by using a deep learning algorithm to monitor and analyse the targeted distribution channel. Vermilion can be used for source credibility assessments to a full-scale information operations.

Tasking Module


Understanding human behaviour

Vermilion will collect raw information based on the human analysts’ guidance. Throughout this process, Vermilion can discern sophisticated tasks and is able to decide its own course of action, such as expanding its scope of collection and source retracing.

Processing Module


Connecting dots between the message and messengers

Processing the collected information to a human-digestible format is the main goal of Vermilion. By combining nexus topography, dark networks and life pattern analysis Vermillion will create graphics to aid human analysts.

Distribution Module



Vermilion’s distribution modules are proactive defense measure against the hostile actors’ information operation. These modules are specialised to implement deterring factors in various domains. The main goal is to detect, deter and destroy targeted information and sources