Welcome to Arctic Week!

Dear readers,

As the year before, we present you “Arctic Week 2023”, where we will dive into the major powers in the region and their growing influence, along with special intelligence reports with assessments for the next 12 months!

At the same time, we will be releasing a series of articles covering different topics, such as the militarization of the Arctic⁠, the race for the region’s resources, insights about the role of the indigenous peoples living in the Arctic Circle and much, much more!

For you, our subscribers, we offer a 30% discount on all Grey Dynamics yearly subscriptions during Arctic Week.

Just use the code “arcticweek” at checkout, only available till Monday 01/01/2024!

Arctic Week Schedule

During the week we will also be sending a daily newsletter with the reports and articles published the previous day!

We Wish you all a happy rest of the holidays and Happy New Year!

Would love to hear any feedback so feel free to reach out!


Ahmed Hassan

CEO, Grey Dynamics

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