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    Dear all,

    “Intelligence tradecraft” refers to the various techniques, practices, and skills used by intelligence professionals to direct, collect, process, analyse, and disseminate information. At Grey Dynamics, we specialise in this area and have published many articles and reports on the subject.

    We are excited to announce the launch of Intelligence Tradecraft Week, a week-long event dedicated to exploring the latest trends, techniques, and strategies in intelligence!

    Starting today Monday the 1st till Sunday the 7th, this event will provide an opportunity for professionals from various backgrounds to learn and share insights on the best practices and tools for conducting intelligence activities.

    Whether you’re a seasoned intelligence professional or just starting in the field, there’s something for everyone this week. You will have access to Grey Dynamic’s guides, podcasts and articles that will share their experiences and knowledge on a range of topics such as cyber threat intelligence, signals intelligence, open-source intelligence, intelligence analysis and much more.

    We will also provide more updates on the Grey Dynamics Intelligence School!

    Our Top Secret subscribers can access our community of intelligence professionals and Grey Dynamics analysts.

    For those that want to become annual Secret or Top Secret plan subscribers, we offer a 30% discount! Just use the code: TRADECRAFT at checkout and is limited to this week!

    As always, if you have questions or feedback please reach out.

    Kind regards,

    Ahmed Hassan      

    CEO Grey Dynamics

    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed Hassan
    Ahmed is the CEO of Grey Dynamics. He has worked as a HUMINT specialist and focuses his writing and research on counterintelligence, Infosec, Covert Action and Space Operations. Ahmed also hosts our weekly Grey Dynamics Podcast.

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