Angola’s Strategic Dilemma: A 12-month Forecast


    The Republic of Angola will progressively turn away from Russia due to internal politics, economic initiatives, and international developments. Accordingly, the elections in August 2022, with the decline of the ruling leftist MPLA in favour of the more pro-Western UNITA, have determined Angola’s shift towards more engagement with the West (source) (source). This has important consequences for the exploitation of the vast resources of the country. Indeed, Angola is the sixth-largest diamond producer in the world (source), and it holds Africa’s second-largest oil reserves (source). Thus, Angola faces a tough strategic dilemma.

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    Nicola Barbesino
    Nicola Barbesino
    Nicola is a student at the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies. The main focus regions are the Sahel and Central Africa. His main areas of interest include European security, right-wing extremism, and military strategy

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