United States Foreign Policy in Central and Southern Africa


    Africa in the modern era is a critical region in the war of economics and public opinion. It is a return to Cold War practices, where the United States (US) and Soviet Union challenged each other for hegemony worldwide. Indeed, today in Africa, the US faces off against Chinese and Russian interests. Throughout the next 12 months, US foreign policy in Central/Southern Africa will focus on checking Chinese and Russian influence and increasing economic ties. The military will remain an essential component in pursuing these goals.

    Key Judgement 1. US actions in central/southern Africa are likely designed to counter Chinese and Russian influence on the continent.

    Key Judgement 2. US economic ties to central/southern Africa are almost certain to grow, although this will not overtake Chinese efforts in the next 12 months.

    Key Judgement 3. The US military is almost certain to remain one the most critical factors in furthering US interests in the region over the next 12 months.

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    Maxwell Goldstein
    Maxwell Goldstein
    Maxwell is a Junior Intelligence Analyst and student pursuing an international master's degree through the Erasmus Mundus IMSISS programme. His areas of focus are aerospace, technology, and the Indo-Pacific.

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