Chad-Libya border: Crime, Conflicts and Tribes


    The border between Chad and Libya is complex and it continues to experience armed insurgency, human and drug traffic. Accordingly, this creates instability in the area. Indeed, the Aouzou Strip is a 44,000-square-mile piece of the Sahara which is impossible to control entirely due to its geography. Further, Libya’s lack of state control makes it the critical transit zone for illicit trafficking to Europe. Thus, the Chad-Libya border will maintain a state of near-lawlessness due to tribal tensions, armed groups, and illegal trafficking.

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    Nicola Barbesino
    Nicola Barbesino
    Nicola is a student at the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies. The main focus regions are the Sahel and Central Africa. His main areas of interest include European security, right-wing extremism, and military strategy

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