BRICS Expansion: Is Turkey Leading by Example?

The Turkish Foreign Minister stated that “Ankara would like to become a full member of BRICS”, during his recent visit to China on 3-5 June. There has also been growing interest in BRICS across the globe, with over 40 countries expressing their interest in joining, and new members admitted this year. Turkey’s pursuit of membership has significant geopolitical implications. Turkey would become the first NATO ally to join the bloc. There are rising concerns from the West that Turkey’s inclusion in BRICS would reflect a shift away from Western powers and a greater alliance with Russia and China. However, Ankara claims it is still fully committed to NATO, and eager to become a full member of the EU. Turkey’s interest in BRICS may instead simply reflect their ‘360 degree foreign policy’, in support of a multipolar global order. 

Key Judgments 

Key Judgment 1. It is highly likely that Turkey will be accepted into BRICS in 2024, alongside several other key, rising powers.

 Key Judgment 2. It is likely that Turkey’s push to join BRICS will not significantly strain its relations with the West, but will instead set an example for diverse cooperation with multiple global powers. 

Key Judgment 3. It is highly likely that Turkey’s bid for a BRICS membership is a strategic decision which will further their economy and political standing.

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