Tensions in the Western Balkans: A 6-Month Outlook


    Tensions in the western Balkans are rapidly escalating. In Bosnia Herzegovina (BiH), the Serbian-majority Republika Srpska (RS) positions are increasingly more aggressive and aligned with the Serbian and Russian agendas. During the last weeks of 2022, in northern Kosovo, the tension between the Serbian minority and Pristina has risen dangerously. Finally, there is a real possibility that Russian President Vladimir Putin will encourage Serbia to continue to incite Serbian minorities, and potentially open a second front, to decrease Western support to Ukraine. Actions throughout the upcoming months will be crucial for the peace and security of Europe.

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    Samuele Minelli Zuffa
    Samuele Minelli Zuffa
    Samuele is an Italian international security and intelligence analyst. His main area of interest is Sub-Saharan Africa, where he focuses on climate-conflict nexus, asymmetric warfare untraditional security threats. He complements traditional research methods with Satellite Imagery and GIS investigation.

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