A Long-running Fairy Tale Undercut in Somalia


    Fairy Tale Somalia

    Risk assessment concerning geopolitics and the Federal Republic of Somalia

    But this fairy tale is again cruelly disrupted after the information was obtained and revealed from various sources in Somalia, and subsequently confirmed by at least three other independent sources within internationally actively involved stakeholders.

    Especially now that the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which operates as an active, regional peacekeeping mission under the banner of the African Union with the approval of the United Nations Security Council, will resign its duties in 2021.

    July 25th, 2020 Somalia’s parliament has removed Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire in an unexpected vote of no-confidence has created a disturbing situation regarding the sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Somalia, which could have far-reaching and negative consequences for the Somali government.

    It has emerged that there are advanced ongoing plans to undermine the sovereignty and self-determination of the Federal Republic of Somalia with the secretive help of Qatar and Turkey.

    The replacement of Prime Minister Khayre by any means necessary was a hard condition to be able to realize the following points.

    Appointing a new Prime Minister who will not interfere with the progress of the ‘agreement’ based under the supervision of Turkish and Qatari stakeholders.

    Also part of this ‘agreement’ is the need to create a large number of ‘friends of Qatar and Turkey’ in the current parliament. The current government should work out ways to split the opposition and dominate them.

    Keep the current Director of the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA) of the Federal Republic of Somalia Fahad Yasin (full name: Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir and also former Chief of Staff for Villa Somalia and before that as Al-Jazeera Correspondent in Mogadishu) in place for implementing the ‘agreement’ based under the supervision of Turkish and Qatari private and public stakeholders.

    Further to engage with the Violent Extremist Organization Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideen (also known as Al-Shabaab and or Xarakada Mujaahidiinta Alshabaab) through friends, ‘defectors’ and NISA channels to accept peace with the government of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

    The continuation on all agreed projects of the Turkish and Qatari private and public stakeholders as promised by the current President and government of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

    This includes also the need to implement the ‘Fisheries agreement’ as well as the ‘Telecommunications agreement’ as agreed.

    Also fulfilling all new and existing ‘Oil and Petroleum agreements’ of the Federal Republic of Somalia through Qatar, Turkey and their private and public stakeholders as agreed.

    All ports and airports of the Federal Republic of Somalia to be under Turkish or Qatari control, just as the Port of Mogadishu (also known as the Mogadishu International Port) and the Mogadishu International Airport (also known as Aden Adde International Airport) which are already.

    In my personal capacity and as a storyteller, I have edited a fairy tale, which is not a fairy tale, but harsh reality, which has been undermining Somalia’s sovereignty and self-determination for years.

    Robert Dekker
    Robert Dekker
    Robert is a FININT and HUMINT subject matter expert of investigative and intelligence services with a global focus on Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery, Anti-Money Laundering, Sanctions and International Serious Organised Crime & Terrorism Organisations.

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